13087196_958615117588896_4850698976966038047_oWe are happy to invite you to an evening with the initiators and activists from the Polish protest movement KOD, Komitet Obrony Demokracji, the Committee for the Defence of Democracy. An evening with exciting discussions, Polish fingerfood and music.

9.5.2016 | 19:30 at Panda Theater, Kulturbrauerei, Knaackstraße 97, Berlin
2016 is definitely not the first year of crisis for Europe or the EU memberstates. But tensions and conflicts are adding up to threat rarely seen before. A British vote to leave the union would reverse the EU’s growth for the first time. European head of states are stuck in political fights about sheltering refugees from war-torn Syria, resort to national solutions and are raising walls and fences around their borders. A loss of trust in political institutions leads to the rise of populist movements that are promising radical change. Europe’s political landscape swings to the right and blunt moves to restrict democracy, the rule of law and the freedom of media are not just rare cases.

But there is also a story of a new democratic resistance to tell. In Poland the protest movement KOD brings tens of thousands protesting citizens to the streets. They stand up against authoritarian policies of Poland’s new PIS-government and protest against the dismantling of democracy, against an attack on their civic rights and freedoms.

We are happy and proud to welcome a group of these KOD activist in Berlin.

Our evening starts at 19:30 at Panda Theater, Kulturbrauerei, Knaackstraße 97. Entry free of charge. Discussion in English.


Jarosław Marciniak is the co-founder of the Committee of Democratic Defense, member of the Board, and member of the Policy Council. Jarosław represents KOD in public debates and is in charge of its international cooperation. He is the initiator of a legislative reform in view of Poland’s constitutional crisis.

Aleksandra Śniegocka-Goździk has been an active member of the Committee of Democratic Defense from the beginning. She is engaged in national and international media and public relations projects and a moderator of the Women’s Group.

Artur Sierawski works as a teacher in Warsaw. He is the coordinator of the Youth Wing of the Committee of Democratic Defense and a delegate to the Board of Directors.

Reinhard Bütikofer is a member of the European Parliament and the Co-Chair of the European Green Party